Telehealth Consultations

Because of the trying times nowadays, it is difficult for some people to go to a clinic and get a doctor’s consultation face to face. And sometimes, we know you don’t have the energy to go to a clinic for your health concerns. If you are looking for a telehealth clinic that can address your medical emergencies, Cairns West Medical Centre is there for you.

Our team has experienced doctors and nurses that can assist you with your concerns. We offer telehealth consultations for all patients who cannot visit our facility for any reason. We are pleased to serve our patients the same service level even if they’re at home. Our team can offer different telehealth services, such as e-prescriptions after the consultation, to allow our patients to buy medicine or undergo medical procedures when they need to.

To get a telehealth consultation with our GP, contact our clinic now.


Yes – scripts can be picked up or sent to one of our nominated chemists or your personal email.

Yes – requests can be emailed to you.

Yes. If a video consultation is suggested and you do not have the necessary technology, you may request to have the service by telephone. Your health professional may also prefer a face to face consultation.

The same privacy requirements that apply to face to face consultations will apply to video consultation/telephone consultations. Patients should discuss any concerns with their treating health professional.

No, it is the same service; once you have reconnected, you should continue the consultation as normal.

In the same way as a F2F appointment: call 4053 3399 or book online


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Make an appointment 07 4053 3399