Rosemarie Deutschmann

Rosemarie Deutschmann

Rosemarie studied Psychology and trained as psychotherapist in Germany and Switzerland. She spent nearly 30 years of part-time private practice as counsellor and therapist. The other time was devoted to health related Quality of Life studies in the domain of chronic mental and physical diseases: Parkinson’s disease, Epilepsy, Depression/Anxiety, Schizophrenia; Diabetes, Heart disease, Chronic Bronchitis, Psoriasis, HIV. Although Rosemarie is a “word doctor”, she has access to a broad medical knowledge, which allows her to assist clients to better deal with their medical conditions,

Rosemarie arrived in Australia/Cairns in 2005, registered as Psychologist in Queensland in 2006 and worked during 7 years part-time in Centacare Cairns; in parallel she started to create her private practice and was a telephone counsellor for Lifeline. Her psychological practice is informed by basic principles from Psychoanalysis, Neurolinguistic Programing (NLP) and the latest discoveries of Neuroscience how to rewire the brain for wellbeing and happiness, including “Brain-Spotting”.

Her goal is to create a framework to support clients:

  • To find access to their inner resources
  • To overcome harsh life conditions
  • To train resilience and strengthen hope
  • To improve relationships
  • To integrate life experiences and discover new purpose towards a more fulfilled aging process
  • If desired: to help restore access to a broader spiritual connection with a realm bigger than us.

Makiko Omae

Makiko Omae

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